OlD Is ReAlLy GoLd

Bajaj chetaks, i bet you, are the one you can drive  almost in any rougher situation and can give you quite a better performance than any other modern bike. Superb handling, one kick start, only thing you have to do is to just tilt it a bit and there you are gliding in air like you are sitting on a real CHETAK

Manufacturer Bajaj
Production 1972 – 2006
Engine 145cc 4 stroke (after 2002) 2 stroke (before 2002)
Top speed 55MPH
Power 9BHP
Transmission 4 speed, manual with shifter in the left hand grip
Suspension Swingarm
Brakes Drum
Tires 3.50X10
Weight 103 kg
Fuel capacity 4 Litres, slightly over 1 gallon

well, this is a pic taken by me when i was struggling to get to the top of world famous paragliding site on my friend’s pulsar150 cc. Only i know how could i manage to get up to a hight of 3000m. But then i found this marvelous masterpiece standing proud there,who took all of my attention in that beautiful backdrop of biling.

I would like you to read this heart touching article [:)]on bajaj chetak



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