Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb waala Lucknow

Asafi Mosque at Bada Imambara

Lucknow is probably one among those cities of india where you can feel the mutually participatory existence of hindus and muslims called as Ganga-jamuni culture. I believe because of this coexistence that we have such exotic and mouthwatering kebabs, stupendous architecture like that of Imabaras and Hajratganj,courtly mannered local people,very narrow and still crowded alleys around Chowk and Ameenabad,the embroidery art of “Chikan” plus the modern giants viz. Ambedkar park and vidhan sabha are all those things which i guarantee if you come to the city of Nawabs won’t let you go out of it so soon. My friends says there is a reason you won’t find many lukhnavi people outside lucknow because “jo lucknow mein rehta hai usey koi doosra shehr pasand nahin aata “
The above picture shows the Asafi Mosque inside the Bada imambara complex which is a shia’ite shrine made by Asaf-ud-daulah for the purpose of Azadari


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