A Thought !!

Just a thought: Can there be any such kind of measures in a country like India where population is rising like anything that the government announces a discount of 10-20%(or something like that,need to do a big time calculation keeping in mind several factors) to those who have only 1 child atleast for a 5 year period .Like that way, Indian government can convince the poor to get petrol at low prices as well as curb the menacing popultion rise.Any comments !!

About the image .Its just a random click with no particular intentions in mind, on the longest Road trip of my life from Lucknow(U.P.) to Ratlam(M.P.) in Saurabh Mehta’s Santro( covering almost around 2000 Kms) and going through some of the best and the worst road in India. If there is anything that i would like to cherish about the trip, then it is the stretch between the Jhansi to shivpuri which according to me is one of the best and dent-free unused roads found in India, where you can literally go upto the speed of 160-180 kmph without any hassles and danger of stray animals passing by.Alongside you don’t find much, but when you fly at such a speed everything seems to be a treat to your eye.


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