A Dialogue in the Dark

what if... you actually get BLIND !!

I was going through the Andhra Pradesh Tourism website the other day, trying to find something new in this part of the India , where I’ve never been to earlier before.  So among  the list of Gardens and Historical places I found a very interesting and unusual name of the  to go to. at first, “Dialogue in the Dark” looked some kind of  metrospective idea to me. But to my surprise it was something i really have been looking for since the time i am into my senses just to know  how it  feels when one of our senses actually get lost . About the “Dialogue in the Dark” .. i think they have explained it better , as i m yet to go to the place. I’ll update my experience after the visit.

Looks like a memorable experience and worth a visit!!

I took this pic when we were ascending the fort through  the steps made for tourists. These particular steps were going to an open terrace from one of the dark room( bala hissar), where you can possible hear the sound of clap made at the entrance of the fort almost 200 steps (or around 1 km) down .


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