The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow

We all heard of the thirsty Crow story. That’s when we were actually beginning to learn the names of the things given on the Charts paper. Although I am sure you’ve not forgotten it but just for convenience so that you don’t have to Google it ,the story goes like this
One hot summer day, a thirsty crow flew all over the fields looking for water. He was very thirsty but couldn’t get water anywhere. When he got tired and weak he decided to take rest under a big mango tree. He came down and sat upon the tree. Suddenly his eyes went on a pot, which was kept on the other side of the tree.

He went near the pot and when he peered inside he found some water in it. He became delighted. “Ahhha finally I got water”, said the thirsty crow. He quickly put his peak inside the pot of water but couldn’t drink because the water was deep below the pot. Now the thirsty crow didn’t know what to do?

He sat for a while and then looked here and there. He found some pebbles on the ground. So he picked a few of them. Then he came near the pot of water, threw one pebble in it and watched. He saw that the water in the pot was coming up. So he put more pebbles in the pot. Now the level of water in the pot was high enough for the crow to drink.

Without wasting anytime the thirsty crow drank all the water and fulfilled his thirst. And then flew away…

Now , this is what has been taught to all of us . No wonder we are following this to a good extent and so far we have been successful in drilling out water, oil , coal, diamonds and everything else ..what is going to  remain  after all this will be just stones, rocks and pebbles. No water to drink , No oil to run the motors . All will be gone.The awkward face this Crow is making … soon will be ours.

I think this is high time that we come out of the Crow skin and put our heads to replenish the environment so as not to be thirsty in future.


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