Only Trekkers can see the heaven on Earth

we reached there
we stood at the foot
ogling at the Distant high Horizon
rising again from the clouds
The “kailash” looked like a Canine tooth

Incomparable, unconquerable,
less is the praise of the mighty
the more the words we use
holding specks of doubt and low on grains of hope
we started the ascend with out any excuse.

Faith and determination
was something i saw on everyone’s face,
they just wanted to be at the place again
to be thankful for all the God’s  Grace

That was not just any other Nature walk
but we had some questions to unlock
and also an itch to understand the reason for such a huge flock

Through the steep slopes and the loose gravels
with every step firm we entered the heaven in sight
the green grass on the high reaches
made the scene unrealistic and surreal

after a long tiring journey
What we saw was height of awesomeness
the one which made worth my birth
But then the saying goes
“Only Trekkers can see the Heaven on Earth”


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