La Martiniere College, Lucknow

Nostalgia is a feeling which can be attached to your alma mater more exactly than anything else. Looking at the batch pic of the school in your photo album  you can always look back into your memories of the endless fun and the best of the times you had in your life. The morning assembly prayer in which everyone must have  stealthily opened his/her eye to see how everyone else looked like  and the “Today’s Thought” which was usually “Honesty is the best policy”. Getting punishments for not bringing the course book. Peeping out of the window when the teacher writes on the blackboard.Making paper planes. Throwing Chalks on girls. Hiding in the toilet after bursting a Time bomb cracker. There is no end to the joy and blissful days we spent in our school.

la Martiniere college established in 1840, one of the oldest school of India is one such institution which has been a perfect example of such a nostalgia for many of its alumni.

Situated on the banks of River Gomti, La maritiniere is also a beautiful architectural building and indeed a must see place in the city of Lucknow


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