Kangra Fort


Kangra Fort


Situated in the Hilly region of Kangra in himachal pradesh, this Rock Strong fort has seen many rulers conquering it. From the Rulers of Katoch Dynasty to the invasion by the British East Indian Company, the fort is still standing proud and high signifying the Timelessness of its strength and beauty atop the hill.


This place today, is an important tourist destination for every traveler coming in the Dharamshala and kangra region. It is one of those rare historical places which tells us about the Warrior Rajput family of  Katoch which have got their mention in the Mahabharatha too. It is also considered as one of the oldest dated fort of India and the biggest  in the Himalayan Region.


It was although devastated in the earthquakes of 1905, but it has been renovated almost completely. The Fort gives you a Bird’s eye view of the Kangra City along with a perfect Desktop imagery look of the Dhauladhar.


So you know, when you are on a trip to have  glances of the Huge Dhauladhar Range, there is something else mighty too which you cant miss !!



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