Sumptuous Chilika Delicacies


They say luxury is one hell of a thing which never comes cheap, but if it is available cheaper somewhere probably one has to take pains and go through the toil to deserve it.

Our expedition through vast Chilika lake was one such attempt to realize the same.  After hours of journey, slogging on a snail motor boat and passing through the fishing nets spread over the major portion of the lakes, we reached the quite green corner under the mountain blessed with the solitude, and calmness along with the placidly flowing crystal blue water. Our tiredness and weariness all went out upon the thought of bivouacking under the stars.

What was gorgeous and lavish about the return journey back was the utterly delicious meal prepared by our boatmen in the middle of nowhere of Chilka. Rice,  with a yellow coloured Tangy Crab Chutney( we saw with our eyes how an alive crab was being made a chutney), plenty of prawns along with Tomatoes made an sweet orgasmic curry, fresh green salads and one special Raita made with Milk powder, green chillies , red chillies, onions, and a little cooking oil, that’s it.  And to make you all feal jealous, all of this cost us even less than 2 Dollars per person.

The sea food in Chilika is simply the luxury you deserve being in the little heaven


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