About Me

I am an anti socio-half evil-half user friendly- totally nomadic rawatbhatian freak……..who has pshycotic rebellion tendencies…..and who has just found how beautiful and adventurous at the same time  a photographer life’s can be, which is all i needed in my life.My interest varies from playing table tennis to swimming, traveling  to blogging, biking to eating  and wasting time and money.I have lots of dream to fulfill like going to Antarctica,to be in the desert alone, Tibet (of course) and many more but why the hell these dreams are erupting in my mind when i am just going to become an engineer.May be its like  i can do well as an photography engineer (if someone like that exists) [:)].

Well, This photoblog is my attempt to discover my capabilities to view things around me in a different manner and possibly present it to you the best i could do in a way.

According to me , Nothing in this world matters.life has got no meaning of itself . I remember few lines written on the back of a truck

“Kya Laaya tha Aur Kya le Jaaega ?

Ek Din Jeevan bhi Maut se Haar Jaaega ”

So getting fame and money is totally wastage of time. If there is some meaning of life …then it is to enjoy it and that’s how i have decided to travel the most i can  with my nikon coolpix. Which nowadays has become a passion for me ..

i would like you to please have a look at my work. kindly press “>” on the right to start


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