CoNtAcT Me

Well i am seriously not the one you should contact for your assignments or project  now as i am still through the learning process, but still if you think you need some help in getting to know about something in photography or it s “How Do We ?”  …please don’t hesitate to contact me. I might be of some help to you

Thanks  for dropping at my photo blog. I would appreciate if you help me in publicizing my effort in your friends.

Yogesh kumar chauhan

phone No: 01475-236748,

mobile: +918107959881

email id:


4 thoughts on “CoNtAcT Me

  1. Bumped in here from your post in the the Right AngLes Facebook page…..great to see your decent efforts. Keep it up!! You do have great potential…..push yourself harder…..

    1. thank you very much sir , i m really honored that you visited my blog …
      I’ll keep on adding more of my photos .. i just hope u like them….. keep visiting 🙂

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